Thursday, January 1, 2009



AVOID and REDUCE computer waste

It is estimated that there are over 6 million computers and computer accessories in use in Hong Kong and about one fifth of them are replaced each year. Although most of the discarded computers and their accessories are recycled/reused through the second-hand market, a small fraction still end up in landfills.

Computer equipment contains materials that can be harmful to people and the environment. You can help avoid generating computer waste by not causally or frequently replace your computer. If replacement is necessary, your used computer should be reused and recycled as far as possible. Computers contain components and materials that can be recovered, such as metals and plastics, and some old computers can be repaired and put to second-hand use.

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Launching Ceremony (12 Jan 2008)
AVOID and REDUCE computer waste

About the Computer Recycling Programme
Where to Recycle

To reduce the quantity of waste computers and computer accessories disposed of at landfills, the Environmental Protection Department (EPD) launched a pilot recovery programme in January 2003. The programme has been well-received by the public and nearly 150,000 waste computers and computer accessories have been recovered and processed. This pilot programme became the basis for the Computer Recycling Programme, which was launched in January 2008.

Recycling your used computer has never been easier. The Computer Recycling Programme is fully funded by the industry and supported by the EPD and the green groups, and it provides collection services all over Hong Kong. You can make a difference to the environment and to people in need. Think twice before you discard your old computers. Recycle them!

About the Computer Recycling Programme

The Computer Recycling Programme (CRP) is a voluntary Producer Responsibility Scheme. It has been set up and funded by the computer trade to provide a mean for the public to manage their used computer equipment in an environmentally sound manner. Another goal of the CRP is to raise public awareness of the need to reduce, re-use and recycle computer waste.

The CRP's operations are steered by a Programme Committee comprising representatives from participating computer equipment suppliers (see Participating Organisations) and the Chamber of the Hong Kong Computer Industry. There are also honorary members, including representatives from three green groups (Friends of the Earth, Green Power and Tai Po Environmental Association) and the Chairman of the Waste Management Subcommittee of the Advisory Council on the Environment. The Environmental Protection Department acts as the Programme's advisor and helps promote the CRP to the public.

The CRP collects used computers and computer parts for refurbishment and recycling. The CRP has lined up a charitable organisation, Caritas (Hong Kong) to help refurbish computers that are still in working condition and donate them to the needy, and appointed a commercial recycler to dismantle the remaining used computers and recover useful parts and materials.


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