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Global E-Waste Market 2008-2012

28 April 2009, Pages – 17
The IT industry is grappling with the problem of e-waste, which seems to be growing with the industry's prosperity. IT companies equipment such as desktops, printers, copiers, CDs, floppy drives, and other hardware equipment have an impact on the environment. Also, with the advancement in technology, there has been an increase in adoption and decrease in lifetime of IT products. Such factors result in the growth of ICT e-waste.
The e-waste management market comprises revenues generated from recycling e-waste. The various products obtained from recycling such as metals, plastics, glass are the main purveyors of the market’s revenues. ICT e–waste, especially computers, contains precious metals such as gold, copper, etc. Extracting these metals and selling them has become a lucrative business, considering the soaring prices of gold and silver. Also, the process involved in extraction is cost effective.
The report by TechNavio Insights forecasts the size of the Global E-Waste Market over the period 2008-2012. Further, it discusses the key market drivers and market trends of the Global E-Waste Market, and profiles some of the key vendors of this market.
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents:
1. Introduction
1.1 Recycling Process of E-waste
1.2 Sources of E-waste:
1.3 Composition of e-waste
2. Market Size and Forecast
2.1 E-waste Market
2.2 E-waste Management Market
2.3 ICT (e-waste) Market
3. E-waste Market Trends
4. E- waste Market Drivers
5. E-waste Market Vendors
5.1 Electronic Recyclers International
5.2 Sims Recycling solutions
5.3 Cimelia
5.4 LifeSpan Recycling Technologies
5.5 Centillion Environment and Recycling Ltd.
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List of Exhibits
Exhibit 1.1: Source of e-waste (2008)
Exhibit 1.2: Composition of e-waste (2008)
Exhibit 2.1: Global e-waste forecast 2008-2012 (in million tonnes)
Exhibit 2.2: Global e-waste Market forecast 2008-2012 (in US$ billions)
Exhibit 2.3: Global ICT e-waste forecast 2008-2012 (in million tonnes)

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