Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sian Wu kindly sent this to me

The Basel Action Network (BAN), the group that first discovered the illegal dumping of toxic electronic waste in China and Africa, announced today the official launch of the world’s first global e-Waste Recycler Certification, called e-Stewards. This is the first such program backed by environmental organizations and major corporations alike. The rigorous certification program has not only been endorsed by Greenpeace USA, the Sierra Club and the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) but has also drawn the support of major corporate “e-Stewards Enterprises” including:

Bank of America
Capitol One Financial Corp.
Ind. Distributors of Electronics Assoc.
Nemours Foundation
Premier, Inc.
Premier Farnell
Resource Media
Sprout Creation
Stokes Lawrence
Wells Fargo

For Complete Press Kit: http://e-stewards.org/news/press-kit/

Quote from Dr. Allen Hershkowitz, NRDC Senior Scientist:
“Old electronics are among the most toxic forms of garbage in American homes – but too often recycling companies claiming to be green dispose of them in a cheap, dirty and unjust way.” “There are safe, better ways to recycle our electronic waste without threatening public health and the environment in developing countries. The e-Stewards seal of approval will help consumers identify good recyclers from the bad.”

Quote from Mick Schum of WeRecycle, one of the first certified e-Stewards Recyclers:
“We are making history here. Today, e-Stewards Recyclers and their customers are taking a significant step forward to achieve the most responsible level of management for electronic equipment. Now we can distinguish ourselves from the exporters and dumpers. As consumers, you can finally say you are doing the right thing with your old electronics and as Certified e-Stewards Recyclers, we can prove it.”

Blogger resources:
View BAN’s video, eStewards: Taking Responsibility in the Digital Age: http://vimeo.com/10383952

View this slideshow of images from BAN’s investigations of digital dumps around the world: http://ow.ly/1yyE4 If you use any of these images, please credit Basel Action Network and link back to www.ban.org

Fact sheet on e-Stewards announcement: http://ow.ly/1yTBL

Find an e-Stewards recycler near you with this map: http://ow.ly/1yyKf

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