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Digital move prompts TV recycling

Devon and Cornwall have seen big rises in the number of televisions being recycled before the counties' analogue television signals are switched off.

For the year up to July 2008, Devon was recycling about 8,000 sets a month. That was up to 15,000 by July 2009.

Cornwall was recycling about 5,800 sets a month to July 2008. It is now 9,500.

Councils and recycling experts said people should replace sets after they broke. The South West switchover will be completed on 9 September.

Up to 90% of a television set's parts can be recycled.

'Truly green'

But councils and recycling specialists said they were concerned that many of the sets being sent for recycling were not broken.

Jacqui Simpson of Sims Metal Management in Exeter said: "We're a lot more environmentally conscious than we used to be, but people who want to do want to be environmentally friendly and be truly green should invest in a set top box.

"They should hang on to their old television and run it until, ultimately, it breaks down."

Digital UK, the independent body leading the switchover, said virtually all televisions could be converted to receive digital signals, even black and white ones.

Councils added that people upgrading their televisions should ensure they dispose of old equipment properly.

Councillor Michael Leaves of Plymouth City Council said they should be taken to proper recycling facilities.

He said: "Old TVs and recorders contain materials and chemicals including lead, dangerous phosphors and glass.

"Dumping them on the street or putting them out with your household rubbish means they end up in landfills where they are hazardous and will pollute the environment."
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Published: 2009/08/20 14:46:28 GMT

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