Sunday, March 22, 2009


Richard Siegersma wrote (and has agreed to my posting this):

Hi Toby,

I empathise with you.

After seeing so much waste and inaction in the publishing world, I'm delighted to see that you have taken a stand for common sense.

We too are looking for smarter ways to work.

Recently we installed an Espresso Book Machine in a bookstore so books can be printed in store avoiding all the airfreight (imported books) trucking and fuel costs. 25 Kg of greenhouse gas is burnt for every one kilogram book imported to Australia - and that is just the airfreight.

Our local short printrun book printing facility allows us to get around having to import books from the UK and US. Unfortunately pubishers are slow to adopt this new way of thinking as they have big warehouses that need to be fed.

We also sell a large range of ebook readers avoiding the use of paper for black and white publications.

Our most recent initiative an information and resource delivery system (TEXT) aims to have eTextbooks avaiable to ALL students on day one of first semester. Another dream that is becoming reality.

I thought it was important for you to know you are not alone. Like minded 'innovators' (!) need to collaborate and communicate.

Be keen to keep in touch. Maybe we can make some titles available here in an environmentally friendly way.


Richard Siegersma

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DA Information Services
Central Book Services
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