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Zambian communication minister warns of e-waste harm
By Michael Malakata , IDG News Service , 10/23/2008
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Zambia's minister of communications and transport issued a warning Wednesday on the harmful environmental effects resulting from unsafe disposal of computers and other ICT equipment.

"Advanced ICT equipment like digital materials and components used in computers are harmful unless disposed of well," Minister Dora Siliya said. "Some countries are only sending ICT products to markets like Zambia as dumping grounds."

Although Zambia uses the Technology and Service Neutral Approach system, the country has no law on how to dispose of used ICT equipment. The Technology and Service Neutral Approach systems states that all ICT equipment being imported or exported must meet the international standard and health requirements of users.

However, many companies and individuals in Zambia fail to adhere to the system, raising fears of health and environmental damage due to hazardous toxic waste.

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One of the pillars of the Zambian government's national ICT policy is care for the environment, Siliya said. The policy was launched last year with the aim of promoting the use of ICT in the country.

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