Monday, August 11, 2008


No waste disposal in public, private places from September 1

by Ananda Kannangara

The Government will ban the disposal of waste in public or private places from September 1.

The rules and regulations in this connection were circulated last week among all local government institutions by the Solid Waste Management Division of the Western Provincial Council (WPC) on the directive of WPC, Chief Minister Reginald Cooray.

Accordingly, every Municipal Council should place biodegradable and non-biodegradable containers in suitable places to enable the public to get rid of their daily collection of waste.

Thereafter, an industrial, medical or healthcare establishment will separate the toxic and clinical waste and store and dispose it in accordance with the National Environmental Regulation Act, published in the Government Gazette of February 2008.

The Chief Minister said that the biodegradable waste collected daily other than electronic waste, construction, clinical, toxic and hazardous waste will be used to manufacture fertiliser, generate electricity and make floor tiles from the lava from waste.

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